• Plywood Treads, Open Risers, Maple Clad Stringers

    Plywood Treads, Open Risers, Maple Clad Stringers

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    Open Riser Stairs with Glass

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Open Rise Stairs

Open riser stairs have grown in popularity in recent years, offering unobstructed views throughout the home and a beautiful weightless appearance. Our skilled team is experienced in designing and constructing open riser staircases, and our turn-key installation process leads to flawless execution in each project.

We offer a wide variety of design and material options, and our innovative design team works with homeowners, builders, architects, and designers to develop unique one-of-a-kind open riser stairs for homes and commercial buildings across the country. We work closely with clients throughout all phases of design and construction, and our services include:

  • Discussing design ideas and inspiration to capture your personal style
  • Educating you on the various material options (including wood, metal, and glass)
  • Helping you to select the perfect handrail system for your open riser staircase
  • Providing CAD drawings, renderings, and mockups for your review to ensure that you are satisfied with the design
  • Discussing installation services and determining which option best fits your needs
  • Ensuring that your staircase is code compliant

Our company has extensive capabilities to provide outstanding open riser staircases with accompanying handrail systems. As the single source of responsibility for the complete staircase system, we are committed to customer satisfaction, and we are proud to provide a seamless, cohesive design with flawless fit and finish.

Getting Started

We make the process of ordering staircases and handrail systems simple. Contact Us, tell us a bit about your project, and we will begin construction preparations. If you have a specific design in mind, our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. If you are seeking inspiration or ideas, we will help you to explore your options and make the best possible decision for your style and needs.

Our reputation speaks for itself, and client satisfaction is our highest priority. From inspiration to installation, our team is committed to delivering the highest quality products. Contact Us today to discuss your staircase needs.


  • Items Needed for Quote:
    • Floor plans of each staircase.
    • Elevation and design drawings with specifications, including and not limited to, handrail systems and wood species.
    • Simple line sketches showing basic staircase dimensions if prints are not available.
    • PDF and CAD file formats are acceptable.
    • Inspiration photos.
  • Upon receipt of floor plans, a formal estimate will be prepared in a timely fashion for your review and consideration.


  • Upon acceptance of formal estimate, the design process will begin using one (1) of the following measuring options:
    • Dimensions specified on your architectural plans.
    • Dimensions provided from actual field measurements.
    • Dimensions we can obtain by visiting your jobsite.
    • NOTE: Conceptual drawings can be drawn to begin the process.
  • Upon approval of drawings, the staircase carriage is fabricated in the shop with finished treads, risers, and stringers.


  • Turn-Key Finish Grade Stair Supply and Installation:
    • Staircase delivered to job site and installed by our expert craftsmen.
    • Handrail System delivered to job site and installed by our expert craftsmen. Finishing of the wood components of the railings usually completed by the painter onsite already. We can provide a quote for finishing as well, just let us know.
  • Construction Grade Open Riser Stairs:
    • The fully constructed stair is delivered to site with protection (cannot be left outside though) and is installed by the framers.

From Inspiration to Installation

  • Commitment for over 30 years to building the highest quality, custom commercial and residential staircases.
  • Industry-leading design team with extensive capabilities to turn your vision into reality.
  • Innovative approach, embracing the challenges of designing creative, one-of-a kind staircase projects.
  • Expert wood and steel craftsmanship with flawless execution.
  • Seamless project management with a commitment to meeting schedules and delivering results.
  • Trusted reputation for meeting the high expectations of our clients, ensuring the staircase makes a memorable statement.
  • In-depth knowledge of codes and regulations, ensuring a smooth construction process, perfect measurement and installation.