Metal Spindle Railings

Metal balusters, or as they are more commonly known, “spindles”… can be wrought iron or cast from a variety of metals and welded together or set in a wood frame. The strength of the metal allows for thinner spindles and the surface texture is ideal for powder-coat finishing.

Featured Metal Spindles

Metal railings have been a long-time staple for new home builders and renovators. For designers, metal spindles offer versatility, with clean lines and an opportunity for texture and ornamentation. Modern minimalists like to keep things simple with straight profiles and uniform spacing. Palæophiles prefer the look of wrought iron and forged metal with a classic motif. We cover the spectrum with spindle options for each and every style in between.


Oxford Metal Spindle Railing


Fusion Metal Spindle Railing


Venti Contempra Metal Spindle Railing

Iron Balusters

Iron Balusters

Tailor Bar

Taylor Bar Metal Railing Baluster

Metal Railing Patterns

The Tailor Bar is a favourite for metal railings with grouped or patterned spindles. The wide and flat profiles create a bold accent in one direction and a blending effect in the another. This added dimension makes the railing unique from every angle. 

Innovating the Classic Iron Baluster

In the realm of home design, there are pioneers and innovators constantly pushing the limits of what we thought was possible. They experiment with materials and introduce new configurations that seem to transcend conventional art. We stay a few steps back to focus more on what matters to the homeowners. We want you to have the staircase you have always wanted with a look that you will love for all time. From the classic iron baluster, we have developed a variety of metal spindles that can be paired, grouped, and customized to turn your home railings into a work of art.

Common Terminology:


Verticle railing spindles.

Base Volutes

Round or rectangular base at the side of the tread.

Carpet Tee

A wood strip installed on the bottom or back of an open riser stair with plywood treads.

Ceiling Plate

A plate where a railing system ties into the ceiling.

Closed Risers

The vertical surface of the stair between steps.

Convex Treads

The front edge of your tread is curved between stringers.

Degree of Turn

The degree in which a curved stair turns.

Designer Foot

A method to add additional support to a stair.

Diminishing Spindles

When spindles gradually change from full height to smaller heights.

Eastern Stringer

Saw Tooth or cutout stringer design in which the spindles sit on the tread of the stair.

Extended Wall Brackets

A Bracket used to attach a wall-mounted railing to the wall. Longer than the standard wall bracket.

Half Newel

A newel cut in half vertically and placed against the wall where the handrail terminates.

Handrail Volute

A custom rail curl at the base of the stair.

Inside Radius

The measurement from the center point to the inner edge of the staircase.


The material used to provide ornamental variation of outline or contours and to cover any gaps or seams between materials.


The posts used in railing construction at changes in directions and terminations.


The front portion of the tread that overhangs the riser.

Open Risers

look at steps for extra period.

Outside Radius

The measurement from the center point to the outer edge of the staircase.

Recessed Paneling

Moulding used to create a panel effect.


Vertical dimensions from tread to tread.


Horizontal dimensions from riser to riser.


The bottom plate that the balusters/spindles are set on.

Stair Width

Width measurement from edge to edge.

Straight Treads

When the treads are straight across from stringer to stringer.


The horizontal structure where you step on.

Walk Line

A measurement into the stair that the inspectors use to determine the legal run per tread.

Wall Bracket

A bracket is used to attach a wall-mounted railing to a wall.

Wall Mounted Railing

A handrail supported by brackets that are mounted to the wall.

Wall Plate

A plate where a railing system ties into the wall.

Western Stringer

Closed stringer design in which the spindles terminate directly into.

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