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Fri Oct. 20, 2017

Monostringer Stairs: 12mm Glass, Stainless Steel Rails

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Monostringer Stairs

Integrated landing
Maple treads

Monostringer stairs (otherwise known as ‘floating stairs’) are a spine-like steel support system that undermounts the stair treads providing a sleeker look with an open feel. Paired with glass, standoffs and stainless steel rails it is a modern aesthetic sure to impress.

12mm glass with standoffs
Stainless steel rails

The […]

Wed Sep. 13, 2017

Modern Staircase Design

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Today, modern staircase design has become a popular trend in homes & offices! Various elements of a modern staircase make each one custom and unique. A staircase is usually the first impression in a home, therefore today, many homeowners and builders are choosing dramatic, impressionable looks that are sure to wow their guests!

The possibilities […]