Sat Aug. 12, 2017

Company Information

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Our Staircase Manufacturing Company
Artistic Stairs Ltd.

In 1979, Bill Langen founded our staircase manufacturing company in Calgary, Alberta. The company also expanded northward to Edmonton.

Since its inception 35+ years ago, Artistic Stairs has earned an excellent reputation for high quality stairs and handrails in Alberta. Our motto is: “On Time Every Time; Done Right the First Time”.

Artistic […]

Tue Aug. 8, 2017

Stainless Steel Railings

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A stainless steel railing system lends a sense of modern sophistication and style to a commercial space or home. Both durable and aesthetically pleasing, our stainless steel stairs railing packages are available in limitless designs and styles, and our innovative team is capable of bringing your unique vision to life.
Wed Sep. 28, 2016

3 Steps to the Perfect Stair Design

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We often describe a custom staircase as a beautiful piece of furniture, enhancing the design of a home or commercial space. However, as a permanent feature, custom stair design is a complex process with many factors to consider. Understanding the process is key to ensuring the perfect fit while saving both time and money.

First, […]

Wed May. 25, 2016

Wrought Iron Railings: An Elegant Design Option

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A wrought iron railing system is a beautiful addition to any residential or commercial staircase. Whether the design is simple or elaborate, wrought iron can beautifully accent a space, displaying both strength and elegance.

Today, we discuss the process of designing and constructing an ornamental metal handrail system. We also explain the benefits of incorporating […]

Thu Jul. 16, 2015

Product Guide

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Stairs Design Product Guide
It’s easy for us to tell you about our company and our services, but we’d rather show you. Click on this Artistic Stairs – 2015 Product Guide to open the PDF to really begin exploring the possibilities for your stairs design.
The Product Guide goes into further detail about the types of staircases […]

Thu Jul. 16, 2015

Artistic Stairs Consultants

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Railing and stair design and innovations are the imagination of a Stair Artist. Stunning, warm, modern, geometric, grand, creative, are the words used to describe the type of stairs our Artistic Stairs Consultant’s design. Using the latest tools and technology we create usable art.

Though many details, specifications, and needs are taken into consideration, the […]

Thu Jul. 16, 2015

Commercial Staircase Project

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For Contractors and Project Managers
Gorgeous and striking staircases are not just found in homes. You know best that other structures call for impressive entries and staircases as well. We are experts on custom staircase design for commercial projects and understand how to meet the needs for office buildings, libraries, government spaces, malls and markets, […]