Industrial Stairs

“Industrial” does not mean boring, at least when it comes to staircases. You can throw away your mental images of old factories, uninviting rooms, and dirty and old metal and wood. Instead, an industrial style staircase can be just what your home needs for an added facelift. It is the ideal choice when your staircase is in the middle of a large room, such as a high-ceilinged, spacious living room that is topped by a bedroom.

Industrial staircases are contemporary designs that can complement your valuable home. They come in so many possible designs and materials that you are sure to be able to get one that is right for you, whether it blends in with the current décor, raises the property value of your home, or lends some personality to your home.

A Contemporary Look for a Contemporary Lifestyle

Your home represents you. You keep it clean and well-maintained. You make sure visitors can see the care you put into your home as soon as they step in the door. They see that you are an efficient person with a clear vision and good taste.

A heavy traditional staircase can be out of place in the home, making it look unkempt or cluttered. Instead, an industrial style staircase can be just what you need to complete the look of your home’s interior. You can get a sleek-looking staircase with thin metal accents that conjures up the image of floating up to the next floor, or a glass-based staircase that is unobtrusive but somehow elegant.

The Possibilities Are Limitless

You can use many types of materials for your industrial style staircase. A light, shiny wood can be reminiscent of rustic staircases, but with white accents or metal railings, your industrial style staircase bounds into the modern age. Clear glass is always striking and elegant, and you can use it for planks of steps as well as for side guards under the bannister. Metallic railings and newels can give the staircase crisp accents.

The shape and structure of the staircase vary, too. Do you want a straight or a spiral staircase? Do you prefer the steps to be separated horizontal planks, or do you want the stairs to be attached so you cannot see between the steps? You also get to choose the spacing and depth of the steps to make the staircase more attractive and functional.

Get Help from the Best

One of the beautiful things about industrial style staircases is their flexibility. They can be sleek, open, warm, or bright. They can be made of all kinds of materials, and be used to give almost any kind of character to a room. So how do you make sure to get what you want?

Consult with someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in staircases. Our experts know what the possibilities are, and which designs and materials will fit best into your home and lifestyle. We can walk you through the entire process from designing the As soon as you are ready to get your industrial style staircase underway, contact us. We are eager to help you turn your home into your dream home.