• Open-Risers---Artistic-Stairs-2

    Open Riser Stairs with Glass

  • Flared-Custom-Stairs-9

    Glass/Flared Custom Stairs

  • 1003

    Glass/Stainless Steel Handrails


Glass Stair Railings

Showcasing the natural elegant effect of glass. Picture having a balcony with spectacular views. The desire to enjoy the site without any obstruction becomes a reality with the application of glass. Their sleek, simple and clean look allows them to go almost unnoticed due to the exquisite transparency.

A stainless steel staircase lends a sense of modern sophistication and style. Stainless steel systems can make your staircase appear to be a work of art in your home. If you are looking for the combination of industrial elements and a sense of clarity, glass and stainless staircases are the architectural element you are looking for.


  • Items Needed for Quote:
    • Floor plans of each staircase.
    • Elevation and design drawings with specifications, including and not limited to, handrail systems and wood species.
    • Simple line sketches showing basic staircase dimensions if prints are not available.
    • PDF and CAD file formats are acceptable.
    • Inspiration photos.
  • Upon receipt of floor plans, a formal estimate will be prepared in a timely fashion for your review and consideration.

From Inspiration to Installation

  • Commitment for over 30 years to building the highest quality, custom commercial and residential staircases.
  • Industry-leading design team with extensive capabilities to turn your vision into reality.
  • Innovative approach, embracing the challenges of designing creative, one-of-a kind staircase projects.
  • Expert wood and steel craftsmanship with flawless execution.
  • Seamless project management with a commitment to meeting schedules and delivering results.
  • Trusted reputation for meeting the high expectations of our clients, ensuring the staircase makes an impactful statement.
  • In-depth knowledge of codes and regulations, ensuring a smooth construction process, perfect measurement and installation.
  • Canada-wide, our brand remains strong.