• Metal Spiral Stair

  • Metal Spiral Stair

  • Metal Spiral Stair

  • Metal Spiral Stair



Spiral Staircase Design

Spiral stairs are used as a secondary access to various levels of your home, to accent newly developed areas and also as a step-savings device making use of minimum square footage and maximum appeal.

Spiral staircases are an elegant space-saver stair where the pie-shaped treads revolve around a single centre column. They are available in many hardwood species or aluminum.

Our wood or metal spiral stair can be made as small as 5 feet in diameter. The degree of turn on a spiral is determined by the floor-to-floor measurement with most spirals turning between 270 degrees and 360 degrees, more or less.

Our standard sizes are 5 Ft., 5 1/2 Ft., and 6 Ft. diameters. We can do other sizes upon request.

Our spiral stairs are “Artistic Factory Built” in our Calgary plant.

Interior Wood Spiral Stairs

Designs are available in both Eastern and Western stringer styles or without a stringer.

Our wood spiral has a solid hardwood center column. The handrail profile and baluster designs are available in many of our rail and baluster selections with solid hardwood treads or plywood treads ready for carpet.

Exterior or Interior Aluminum Spiral Stairs

There are many advantages for installing aluminum stairs vs. steel or wood:

  • Powder-coating is available in a variety of colours
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long-lasting in our Canadian environment
  • Strong,¬†lightweight
  • Aluminum is rust resistant

Please contact one of our sales representatives to discuss your next Spiral Stair purchase.

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