Supply Only

Looking for Components or Parts of Rail or to Install Yourself?

We supply balusters (spindles), newels (posts), railings and railing fittings in a variety of hardwoods and softwoods. We pride ourselves in quality products, exceptional service and prompt delivery.

Convenient numbered or named design selections are available using our standard "A", "B" or CII handrails. Supply only shoe and handrails are available in solid or dadoed stock.

Supply Only Orders

Artistic Stairs has a wide selection of railing components and all of the hardware to complete your railing installation. Please refer to the attached Product Guide to make your supply only selections and call them into our:

             Parts Desk at 1-800-757-5934

Note: some of our product line like the Tuscan Panels and Fusion Spindles are not available for supply only. Ask the order desk for details.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Installations

 Looking for some help to install railings yourself? Please refer to our "Installations Made Easy" guide!