Wooden and metal balusters offer two main functions: providing support to the handrail, and as a safety feature it creates a barrier to prevent falls.  Designed for both straight and curved staircases, balusters can have a great impact on the aesthetic quality of a staircase and add a style to fit the interior design space.

Are you considering a metal or wood baluster for your handrail system? Both options have endless style options and offer their own unique styles and features, and it can be difficult to determine which option is right for your home or commercial space.   To help you select the right baluster for your project, we will explore some wooden and metal balusters and discuss the features of each.

Wooden Balusters

Wooden balusters have remained a highly popular choice over the years, in both commercial and residential settings. Available in all styles, from traditional to craftsman, wood balusters can be designed to fit the unique style of your interior space.  Whether square with clean, solid edges, or turned for elegance, these systems are constructed with superior quality and aesthetics.

1.  The Square Wood Baluster

This residential, craftsman style home features a 1¾” square wooden baluster with 5” base newels in paint grade wood.  The straight staircase offers a clean transition from one level of the home to the next, and the baluster perfectly complements the overall style of the home.movie John Wick: Chapter 2 2017 streaming


2.  The Wood Panel Baluster

Another residential craftsman design, this wood baluster system offers a custom feel.  The straight stair’s creative combination of finishes demonstrates a large trend in craftsman style and design.  The primed, Hyannis rake baluster panels are paired with newels featuring stained red oak cap and trim.  A complementing handrail completes the system, accenting the home’s style and décor.


Metal Balusters

For those seeking a different style, metal balusters are also available in both residential and commercial handrail designs.  From traditional to Tuscan, popular projects to high-end luxury, these balusters offer even more versatility and options.  Standard sizes are a ½” wide, in both square and round designs. Metal balusters may be single pieces or paneled systems, and all variations are offered in both smooth and hammered finishes.

1.  The Modern Metal Baluster

Next, this residential staircase features metal balusters with clean lines for a modern style.  A square design paired with plain bars for a custom pattern, each bar measures ½” in diameter. With a simple satin black finish, this system is a perfect choice for giving an avant-garde feel to your straight staircase.


2.  The Classic Metal Baluster

The commercial metal handrail system below, accompanied by a polished wood guard and grab rail in a dark finish, provides a great complement to this unique curved staircase design.  With ½” balusters in Sonoma style, the system includes single and double baskets mixed with single twists, all in a smooth, satin black finish.



Are you feeling inspired?

Our team has constructed balustrades of all styles and shapes, from coast to coast. With a team that provides seamless services from inspiration to installation, we work closely with clients to determine which balusters will be the perfect additions to their staircase projects.

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